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     Searching and getting what you are looking for is one of our main goals. Since we deal with search engines every day in our business and our time is spent keeping our websites and customers web sites in the top ten spots, we know SEO Search Engine Optimization. We know how the databases and search engines work, and we have seen the need and decided to help the end user out a little and come up with a detailed report on how you can get what your looking for from the search engines every time.  This report also helps our customers understand what goes on, and I for one want everyone to get better results.

     Read "the report" now and come back and try it.

     We use what we have learned over the last 22 years to keep sites in the top ten and that is not as easy as it sounds. There are many factors, from metatags, page relevant keywords, site submission picture alt text and much more.
     Take one of our sites for example Http:// were we do liquidation and Estate sell offs on the east coast.  If you were looking for us (and we have to put ourself in your shoes to know what words you are going to use to find us) you might use the words "Liquidation assets New York"  in a search engine.  Last time I checked we were number 2 out of 880,000 web pages, and mixing the search words up a little we stay at number one (#1) most of the time, out of over 4 million sites that do some what the same thing.
     Now that you get the idea that we know what we are talking about, and after reading our "Searching using Boolean" report if you ever have a need to get your web site above the rest please give us a try. email

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